These are variables containing a structured set of variables. For those variables is accessed by a number in brackets given immediately after the variable name – the array. This number is called the index – the number of the variable in the array. The same is assigned a value to the array.



$ Array[0] = “Entering number 0”;
$ Array[1] = “Entering number 1”;
$ Array[2] = “Entering the number 2”;


Syntax switch

Syntax switch Syntax switch is a conditional statement, but one variable can be compared not with one value, but with a few. You can  not construct complex conditions - can…

Do … while loop

Do ... while loop The commands contained in the loop will be executed at least once - in the case of the while loop need not be so. If the…

The While Loop

The while loop Another type of loop is WHILE loop. It is used in situations where it is necessary to perform an operation until the condition. Example <? php while…


FOR loop Sometimes you need to perform an action specified number of times. It is used for the FOR loop. The overall record looks like this: Example <? php for…

Conditional Statements

Conditional Statements Is used to execute a user (or a block of instructions), but only under certain circumstances - predetermining condition is met (or the whole set of conditions). Example…


The operators are symbols that are used to manipulate variables. Operators are divided into: 1. The arithmetic operations that are used for numbers. 2. assignment for assigning a value to…


Permanent There are also so-called. constant, or character identifiers whose values can not be changed. Permanent is used without a dollar sign at the beginning. Permanent set by PHP __FILE__…

Changing the type

Changing the type It is usually not necessary to determine the type of the variable – PHP itself is determined, depending on the context. When assigning a variable a new…

variable types

variable types • integers (integer) • real numbers (double) • strings (string) • arrays (array) • objects (object) PHP is able to convert the integers stored in different formats numbers.

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