Basic Configuration

Pages serve Posting information on a permanent basis (ie. Contact products). Usually links to appear in the menu (top or side).

Entries can serve as a news or blog. They are displayed in chronological order (the old entries are falling down, and on top there is the latest).

Go to the entries in the side menu. You’ll see a table with one entry entitled „Hello, world!”. You can delete it by hovering over it with the mouse and clicking on the word „Trash”.

Then add the first few entries (the button at the top that says „Add New” next to the section title – „Entries”).

For the time being, adding each entry, fill in only two fields – Title and Content, or add distinctive image (bottom right) – referring to the contents of a file or symbolic.

Then, go to the Pages menu, delete the sample page and add a few pages (in the same way as entries).

After adding a few sample entries and pages go to the Appearance menu. For the purposes of the first, the test site will use the default theme „Twenty Fifteen”.

Press the „Personalization” – you will be taken to the menu screen, where you can customize the look of your first page.

The title and description of your site – in this place, you can change the title of your site and add a brief description displays under the title
Colors – Here you set the color scheme of your site. You can choose from several ready-made color combinations or individually adjust the background color, text, headers, and the sidebar.
Header Image – here you can upload an image that will display in the sidebar.
Background image – also upload the picture, this time displaying the background of the main page.
Widgets – This tab Personalization is very complex. You can enter the names of the other widgets (click on the name of the widget pops up a form with the options), for example. Widget „Recent Posts” called „News” and rearrange the widgets, grabbing them and dragging the mouse up or down.
When all the changes on the screen Personalization press the blue „Save & Publish” and return to the main screen of the admin panel (arrow back and cross in the upper left corner of the screen).

Then, go to „Menu”. Enter the name of the menu, for example. „Main Menu” and press the blue button „Create menu.”

In the Settings menu, under „Location theme” highlight „Main Menu”. In the sidebar, select all the pages and add them to the menu, then click „Save menu.”