Forms allow the authors of the pages to obtain information from readers. Readers, on the other hand, fill out surveys or order some goods and services. The elements of the…


Tables are used to create tabular data sets. The table definition must be placed between the two markers that are its delimiters. Within them, row definitions, cell definitions in rows,…

What is HTML

HTML is a hypertext markup language. You can use links in it that direct you to other HTML files, which means you can "jump" between pages.HTML is the basic language…

How to make a WordPress Website

Posts Pages Appearance Theme Categories Category Management Create menu Settings Inserting images Gallery Settings Discussion Other comment settings Setting Reading Direct  Links Sections Adding widgets Export Import Users Profiles Installing…



The function is a piece of code that can be called using the name. We have already been given several functions provided by PHP, such as array (), each (), list (), explode () and implode (). Features recognized by the parentheses occurring after their name. In these brackets (if required) is given parameters for the function. Some functions




These are variables containing a structured set of variables. For those variables is accessed by a number in brackets given immediately after the variable name – the array. This number is called the index – the number of the variable in the array. The same is assigned a value to the array.



$ Array[0] = “Entering number 0”;
$ Array[1] = “Entering number 1”;
$ Array[2] = “Entering the number 2”;


Syntax switch

Syntax switch Syntax switch is a conditional statement, but one variable can be compared not with one value, but with a few. You can  not construct complex conditions - can…

The While Loop

The while loop Another type of loop is WHILE loop. It is used in situations where it is necessary to perform an operation until the condition. Example <? php while…


FOR loop Sometimes you need to perform an action specified number of times. It is used for the FOR loop. The overall record looks like this: Example <? php for…

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