Comparative Operators

For comparison, you can use the following operators: == Checks for equality ! = Not Equal > = Greater equal <= Less than equal > <Greater, less They return as…

Logical Operators

Operators available in Java are: conjunction operator (and) &, operator alternatives (or) |, operator excludes alternatives ( xor) ^ negation operator!.


Variables They allow you to store data of different types. There are two phases of a variable: Declaration – here we define the type and variable name Initialization – giving…

data types

In Java we distinguish many types of data that can be stored in both the number and was floating, characters, strings, and Boolean type. Java is a strict type checking, that is, each object must have a specific type.



Comments are an important part of larger programs. In this framework, we can place the summaries written by our function. Thanks to them easy to find in the case of larger projects, but also when other people can not understand our code can reach for our description.


Classes and Objects

Classes and Objects
A class is an essential element of any application written in Java. Java program is a collection of classes. The definition of each class is placed in a separate file, which is the file must have the same name as the class and have the extension java.


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