Forms allow the authors of the pages to obtain information from readers. Readers, on the other hand, fill out surveys or order some goods and services.

The elements of the form are created in a certain general framework, between them we place all the other elements.

<form> </ form>


Another important point is the action that is performed by the computer when the reader of the page wants to send some information to the author. We send information via e-mail, so in the definition of the form we should put a special action = action command. You should also specify how the reader’s browser communicates with the server, so whether it sends some information or downloads it. Therefore, we choose one of two possible methods – post or get. We assume that the reader of the page has to send information via e-mail:

<form action = “mailto: author of the page@his_domain” method=”post”>
form content


Form – field types



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