How to make a WordPress Website Categories

Categories are used to organize your entries. Users can easily get to the alerts on interesting their topics.


Information service may have the following categories of entries: Country, World, Sports, Business, Culture, etc.

Assign entries to the category which is in the process of creating a new entry and editing mode. It is used for the widget “Categories”. It is located in the sidebar, next to editor.


Each entry can be assigned to one or more categories. By default, entries are assigned to the category “Uncategorized” (you can change this in the Settings menu: Writing).

Categories can be added from either the entry (in the sidebar) and in a separate menu Entries: Categories.

Adding a category

Creating a category from the addition of the post, we have to enter its name and, optionally specify a parent category.

The category name must be unique.

Parent category is the category overall, with a broader thematic scope, within which there are more specific subcategories. For example, the parent category Sport can add subcategories: Football, Hand Saw, etc.

If you assign the entry into subcategories, you do not need additionally select the parent category (entries from all subcategories of the parent category by default are also assigned to it).

For example, entries assigned to the category Soccer and Tennis will also be seen in their parent category Sport.

Adding categories in menu entries> categories we have to choose some more options:   simplified name.

Category name in a simplified version, which will be displayed in the URL. Should it use lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens.

Category Description

This field should include a description of kilkuzdaniowy this category. You can write a few words about the issue, which concerns the category and what types of entries will be published as part of her. Description of the category is not displayed in all motives, but if your usage, it can be a great tool for website optimization in terms of positioning.

Category Management

In the category menu, you can:

  1. Edit existing categories (changing their name, the name and simplified description). If you change the name of the category, it then we do not need to manually Pony Prog previously added as part of its entries into the category with a new name – the old entries will continue to be placed there.
  2. Remove existing categories – removing the category, we do not delete entries belonging to it – will move automatically to the category of “No Category”.

If you want to delete several categories simultaneously, select it in the list and removed, using the “mass action”.

The last column “Number” tells you how many entries are in this category.

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