How to make a WordPress Website

  1. Posts
  2. Pages
  3. Appearance
  4. Theme
  5. Categories
  6. Category Management
  7. Create menu
  8. Settings
  9. Inserting images
  10. Gallery
  11. Settings Discussion
  12. Other comment settings
  13. Setting Reading
  14. Direct  Links
  15. Sections
  16. Adding widgets
  17. Export
  18. Import
  19. Users
  20. Profiles
  21. Installing plugins
  22. Plugin management



  1. Visit
  2. Press Download WordPress and save the file to disk
  3.  Unzip the downloaded file
  4. Log on to the server via FTP client
  5. Create a directory where you want to be party (eg. Page) or go to the already created (with the administrative panel hosting account) directory
    Copy the unzipped files to the server (to the directory created – eg. Page)

Basic Configuration

The pages are used to post information permanently (i.e. Products Contact). They usually appear on the menu (top or side).

Posts can be used as blog messages. They are displayed in chronological order (old positions fall down and the most recent one is at the top).


Posts are the primary and most important type of content in WordPress. Blogs, based on this system, serve as notes (posts) on the sides of the company – as news, and more sophisticated services – as articles. Are displayed in chronological order vice versa (the most recent always on top).

Posts, in contrast to the pages can be assigned to different categories and tags. From the collection of entries are created archives display entries divided according to categories, tags, author and time it was added.

To add a new post, click the Add new. The form will appear. In the fifth edition of WordPress, the classic text editor was replaced with block-based Gutenberg.

You can disable Gutenberg by installing the Classic Editor plugin.

First we should complete the title. The title is important for website positioning. It is worth placing key phrases related to its content in it.

Then go to the Pages menu, delete the sample page and add several pages (in the same way as entries).


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