Templates in Joomla –  extension, consisting of a package of files that define the patterns of distribution and formatting of content on the site or facilities. Templates determine the composition of pages, shapes, sizes, colors fixed elements website and all the intrinsic qualities of colors, sizes, fonts, headers appearance, międzywierszowych intervals, etc.

Template can be changed at any time.

Each page in the Joomla! It is composed of several elements of two types:

  • content main
  • content associated

The template is the master pages, the lip skeleton, which are published solids and are designated space for changing, or dynamic website content. Website templates and backend of Joomla manage pages Template Manager is available in the back only for users with administrator or super user.

Log on to the back office.

From the drop-down menu select: Extensions -> Templates.


Default styles, which is used to display pages are marked with a gold star. Style currently unused are marked with a white star.


To change the look of your site, you can use the templates built into the Joomla! or additionally installed. You can use one of the default style for the whole site, or create and assign different styles to different pages. There must be a style of one and the same template. You can create several styles, using different templates.

The style template is a set of characteristic features are configured in the template settings. Template styles may vary, eg. Width, background color, text color, etc.. The style we set the template using the template configuration options.

Change the default style on another call switching template.   To change the look of your site, you can simply switch the default style template to another.

For example, instead of the default template style Prostar apply the default style template Beez 3:

Check the box next to the name of the style: Beez3 – Default [Beez3 – Default]
Click the Default button in the toolbox.

The same effect can be achieved more quickly – simply click on the icon status of the template in the Default column.


Select a template

Sites offering templates for Joomla! You can be found on the Internet a lot. Just type in search words Joomla template to get thousands of results.

The easiest way to install the template is to use the automatic installer at the back of Joomla. The installer gets the installation package or template files from the indicated location and places them in the appropriate directory, and the manifest XML puts the information in the database.

1. Log in to the back of your site
2. Select the menu item Extensions -> Installer


We use the method: Install package.

3. Click the Choose File button
4. Locate on your computer and select the file installation package.
5. Press the Load and install.

If the packet is valid, the time is displayed for successful installation and possibly – below – information about installed template.